Remember when we posted this picture of over 6.5 MILLION servings of PhytoBlend??

Well, this is where all of that good stuff went.

We have partnered with Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization that has helped more than 70 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, and other opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.  Convoy of Hope has a huge global footprint, serving in over 113 countries since it’s founding. They do this in a comprehensive and distinguished way by partnering, resourcing and empowering local organizations such as schools, churches, orphanages and community centers in order to enable the people and community in a sustainable manner.

Convoy of Hope initiated a Children’s Feeding program with the belief that children are essential members of their communities and one day can bring positive change to their countries by breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.  They provide a daily meal to these children as a starting block in building strong, loving communities. There are over 146,000 children enrolled in their Children’s Feeding Initiative in ten countries around the world.

The meal Convoy of Hope provides is the only meal many of the children receive throughout the day.  Often, these children live in unhygienic, harsh environments where infectious diseases, parasites and respiratory issues are rampant. Therefore it is imperative that meal provides the maximum amount of energy and nutrients possible to have a profound impact on the child’s life. The addition of PhytoBlend enhances the nutritional value, making that daily meal even more valuable to the child in need. Kevin Rose, senior director of International Program Operations at Convoy of Hope shared, “With our main goal of improving the nutritional health of a child, this product is an essential tool in our toolbox for fighting undernourishment. The simple-to-use formula adds an even greater nutritional value to the food products in our programs.”

The 1,000 boxes of PhytoBlend are being shipped to El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, and will reach close to 18,000 children.  The PhytoBlend will be added to the daily meals mostly served in schools but also community feeding programs, orphanages and ministries in both rural and urban settings.

Loading the truck full of PhytoBlend!

We are so proud to partner with such an impressive organization that is empowering children through strong partnerships with organizations in communities of need all over the world. With their help we are able to reach and impact the lives of so many more children with nutritional needs.

Check out Convoy of Hope at their website to read more about the amazing impact they have on changing the lives of children and communities all over the world!