We were incredibly thrilled for our first trip to Asia as the M5M Foundation. Our hope for this trip was to personally introduce the M5M Foundation to Mannatech Asia and to excite everyone about what we have done and the future for the M5M Foundation. The first day we spent adjusting to the time change in Seoul, South Korea (although that took the full week to get fully adjusted to) and preparing for the Mannatech Presidential dinner that evening. The Presidential Dinner was fabulous. It was a formal dinner, complete with a red carpet. The great pride the Mannatech business leaders took in their business was obvious, all the way from their beautiful dresses and tuxedos to their eloquent speeches about their personal journeys to build their businesses. We are incredibly thankful for their dedication to building their Mannatech businesses. Without that dedication, we would not be able to impact the lives of as many children as we do.

The following day was spent at the Asia Mannafest event. Wow, what a performance. The energy and enthusiasm of the stage was tremendous, we felt as though we were at a rock concert! Sarah Bowen, our Executive Director, had the privilege to speak at the event in front of the 4,000 attendees to introduce herself and our vision for the M5M Foundation in Asia. Sarah’s authenticity and her immense heart and passion when she speaks is captivating and brought the audience to their feet several times. It was wonderful to see the M5M Foundation welcomed into Asia with such affection.

Sarah loving the enthusiasm of the audience at Asia Mannafest

After a wonderful few days in Seoul, with the gracious hospitality from the Mannatech Korea office, we were off to Taipei, Taiwan to tour the Mannatech Taiwan office and make our first ever PhytoBlend donation in Asia. The Mannatech Taiwan office warmly welcomed us, giving us a tour of the office and quick city tour before heading to the orphanage, The Jonah House.

The M5M team, Katie and Sarah, giving a HIGH FIVE at the Mannatech Taiwan office!

The Jonah House is located in New Taipei City, just a short taxi ride from downtown Taipei. The orphanage houses 60 children, from babies to young adults. Many of the children in the orphanage come from homes of substance abusing parents, mentally ill parents or otherwise unable to raise the children. Once they are old enough, the children in the orphanage are taken to school everyday and given extracurricular activities and tutoring. The facilities of the orphanage were pristine and the caregivers, along with volunteers showed so much love and affection of the children.

Looking in at the infants in Jonah House

We were able to visit the kitchen of the orphanage and meet with the kitchen staff to explain the use of PhytoBlend in their meal preparation. They were keen to include PhytoBlend in their cooking and anxious to see the difference in the children they were serving.

Sarah helps the kitchen staff make a nutritious meal with the addition of PhytoBlend

The orphanage was incredibly responsible and respectful for the children; we were not able to play with or photograph the children in order to protect their privacy. We are very proud to partner with such a responsible organization that puts the welfare of their children foremost.

Lisa from Jonah House and Sarah say give me FIVE!

We thank Mannatech Korea and Mannatech Taiwan for their gracious hospitality throughout the week! We also want to thank all of the Mannatech business builders in Asia and all over the world for their dedication to building their Mannatech businesses, which enables us to nourish children all over the world!